At last..!

Well, we’re certainly into 2020 now and it’s only taken about ten months (!), since first launching my blog, to actually make a start… Whether it’s been hesitation, distraction or just plan old procrastination, finally I’m here to publish my first piece. An introduction, of sorts… I guess the motivator at last, or is it just the beginning (!), was recently, at age 32 and practicing as a veterinarian I was (for hopefully the last time, though who knows what the future holds) hospitalised, finally diagnosed officially (properly), after almost a lifetime of difficulties, to put it lightly, with a mental illness and since then started on my own journey of recovery. I’m finding meaning to life, my purpose slowly, but steadily, a sense of hope, never before experienced, not just in my work for which I’m fortunate to be highly passionate, privileged and grateful, but especially relationships, my wonderful partner of almost a year and various interests that I also intend to share my experiences with (such as deepening practice of yoga, meditation, experiencing nature and photography). So whether it’s day to day vet life, interests, professionally or personally, or insights into mental illness, surviving and learning how to live a worthwhile life, I hope to perhaps connect with others who share similar interests, or perhaps you may have or are struggling with mental or physical health issues. I’d love to offer some hope, my own experience and insight, for which is all I have, maybe a little humour along the way (!) and much assurance, that wherever you are, you need not always feel alone. Until my next attempt to write, thank you for reading, all the best and take care! J

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