First week…!

Well, my first week as a ‘blogger’ (if that’s a thing?!), the week has flown by and I was slightly alarmed (well, perhaps all of a sudden somewhat self conscious?), then excited, that a few people were interested enough to read my first post. The world wide web sure is an amazing thing! As is life; like how a country kid such as myself could end up working in suburbia, let alone quite happily, doing something I was told many times along the way in the words, or to the effect of ‘not being cut out for,’ then writing about it for just about anyone to see, is not far from mind blowing! This week has been challenging at times, second week back at work, settling into the groove again after being away, demanding at times though such is just being back to ‘normality.’ Life. You see, one of the things I’ve struggled most living with mental illness is just maintaining a balance, consistency and stability over time. Every aspect of my life. Even just committing some time on my Sunday afternoons to write, I find personally satisfying and hopeful to continue (irrespective if anyone actually reads…). And in that time also, reading the experiences of and connecting, albeit over geographical distance, with other human beings. As having experienced extensive isolation, a close friend to inconsistency, throughout life, I find that kind of cool! Take care all, J.

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